Supplemental Plans

Protect Yourself and Your Family Members with Affordable Supplemental Coverage

Our dental and vision discount plans, short-term health insurance, and individual/family plans are designed to work with your needs and your budget, offering a range of coverage options, quality care and helpful, easy-to-use tools and services.

Please note: These plans should only be purchased if you are not eligible for the coverage under your school-sponsored plan.

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Individual International and
Travel Insurance Plans

Relation has partnered with HTH Worldwide to offer affordable and comprehensive coverage for international inbound college students who do not have coverage through their U.S. college or university, as well as for domestic U.S. students who are studying or traveling abroad.

These plans are offered only for students and scholars who are not eligible for a school-sponsored plan.

To access the HTH Worldwide website and enroll online, please visit the HTH website by clicking here.

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Individual/Family Health Plans

Anthem (BlueCross/BlueShield) offers individual and family health insurance plans. These plans do not replace your school-sponsored health plan, and may not meet all the coverage requirements of your school. Before enrolling in this plan you should first exhaust all options offered under your school-sponsored health plan.

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Dental and Vision Plans

For students enrolled in a Student Health Insurance Plan: Some Student Health Insurance Plans (SHIPs) include dental and vision benefits for covered persons under age 19 (up to your 19th birthday). Check your school’s SHIP coverage to see if these benefits are already included in your plan by clicking “Find Your School,” then selecting your college or university from the drop-down list to view your plan brochure. If your student/scholar or individual health program does NOT contain coverage for preventative & routine dental or eye care, consider purchasing one of the plans described below.


Individual Dental and/or Vision Plans

Dental and vision plans are designed to encourage preventive treatment, helping you to achieve oral and eye health while striving to minimize costs. Select the coverage level you need. HMO and PPO plan are available. Each plan is sold on an individual basis and plan may not be available in every location.

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SmileSaver Dental HMO Plan (for CA residents only)

Important note: Coverage for this plan does not extend beyond September 30, 2019. Please do not submit payment for enrollment in the plan beyond this date. 

SmileSaver is a pre-paid, HMO dental plan available for a low monthly cost. SmileSaver is one of the largest providers of pre-paid dental plans in California and is available exclusively to California residents. There is no financial limit to the services you can receive. There are no deductibles, no claim forms, and no waiting for reimbursement.

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