Walk/Run Events

This program is uniquely designed for U.S.-based organizations and/or groups organizing a walking and/or running event. Coverage provides important liability protection for the organization, including coverage for its employees and volunteers, for liability claims that arise from its operations. The program includes medical payments for participants (on an excess basis) for those participating in the event.

To qualify for and maintain eligibility under this program, organization must operate walking/running events in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Event has no more than 10,000 participants
  • Event is no longer than 3 days in duration
  • Total course distance is no more than 16 miles (e.g., children’s walk/runs, 5k or 10k walk/run, timed/competitive walk/run, non-competitive charity walk/run, fundraising walk/run, walk-a-thon, etc.)

This program also comprises coverage for ancillary activities/events (banquets, concerts, and award ceremonies) for those participating in your walking and/or running event. Optional coverage is available for separate ticketed and/or open to the public ancillary activities/events.