Martial Arts Schools & Programs

This insurance program is uniquely designed for U.S. martial arts schools and/or other organizations that specialize in martial arts instruction. For eligible martial arts schools/programs, coverage extends to the ownership, maintenance, and/or use of the premise(s) reported to the Company as well as to your ‚ÄúCovered Operations.”

“Coverage Operations” refers to any operations and activities at your location(s) that involve registered members/participants who are under your organization’s direct supervision and/or are organized by your organization.*

“Covered Operations” also refers to the following activities and events under the same premises:

  • Offsite competitions
  • Demonstrations
  • Parades
  • Fundraising activities
  • Ancillary events/activities at offsite locations

*Registered members/participants must be reported to and approved by the Company prior to their participation in said activities/operations and paid for in the form of a premium.