Teams, Leagues & Associations

This program is designed for U.S. teams, leagues, clubs, and associations conducting youth or adult amateur sports activities. Coverage provided under this program includes important liability protection for the organization, including coverage for its employees and volunteers, for liability claims that arise from its operations.

For eligible sports and age groups reported, covered operations comprise the following:

  • Scheduled, sanctioned, approved, organized, and supervised practices
  • Tryouts
  • Clinics
  • Games
  • Playoffs
  • Tournaments in which your organization participates or hosts

Coverage is also provided for the following events:

  • Registrations
  • Meetings
  • Concession-stand operations
  • Parades in which your organization participates
  • Picnics
  • Award banquets
  • Ceremonies and incidental fundraising activities involving the sale of products, coupons, raffle tickets, and services (e.g., car washes, bake sales, and coin drops for reported sports and age groups)