Tumble Time Gymnastics & Cheerleading – Category 1

This program is designed for U.S. gymnastics schools/clubs that specialize in the instruction of gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading/dance, and related programs. To qualify for this program, you must be a Tumble Time facility/program with fewer than 75 participants and/or you’re located in Florida, New York, Washington, or Arkansas. This market offers a lower minimum premium to better meet the needs of smaller gyms and programs.

Coverage includes important liability protection for the school/club, including coverage for its employees and volunteers, for liability claims that arise from its operations. Failure to report all operations my jeopardize coverage at the time of loss.

*If your facility or program enlists more than 75 participants and you’re not located in FL, NY, WA, or AK, please see our Tumble Time Cheerleading & Gymnastics – Category 2 program. If your program includes cheerleading only (no gymnastics), please click here for the proper application form and here for the proper supplemental request form.