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Generic Welcome Packets are sent out from Cigna at the beginning of each policy year. Based on previous enrollment, Cigna will estimate the number of packets needed for each program. You should hand these packets out to each enrolling member. Member ID cards will arrive separately.

If you need to request additional packets during the year, please contact our client service team at corps@relationinsurance.com

Typically claims will be submitted to Cigna by a provider. However, if circumstances required your member to pay out of pocket for a service, they may submit the bill to Cigna for reimbursement. Claim forms are available for download below.

Medical/Pharmacy Claims Address

The Corps Network Claims
P.O. Box 182223
Chattanooga, TN  37422-7223
Medical Claims Phone:  (800) 244-6224

Dental Claims Address

The Corps Network Claims
Cigna Dental Claims
P.O. Box 188037
Chattanooga, TN 37422-8037
Dental Claims Phone:  (800) 244-6224

Vision Claims Address

The Corps Network Claims
Cigna Vision Claims
P.O. Box 385018
Birmingham, AL  35238-5018
Vision Claims Phone:  (877) 478-7557

This plan uses CIGNA Open Access Plus (OAP) Preferred Provider Networks. The OAP network allows your members to receive a higher benefit from the plan and reduce their out-of-pocket expenses for both medical and prescription drugs.

To help your member find a provider, click on the link below. Remind the member to contact the provider prior to their visit to confirm their membership in the network.

COBRA is Employer/Employee legislation.  Members are not considered employees and more aptly meet the definition of a volunteer. Therefore, COBRA is not offered.

A free resource available to existing Corps members is the Service United Marketplace, an online exchange for buying individual policies.

Losing coverage through completion of AmeriCorps service triggers a special enrollment period.  The member has 60 days from the date coverage ends to sign up for a plan through the federal healthcare marketplace.  In states that have created their own exchange, the member should refer to their state exchange’s customer service line for more information.

Your program may choose to allow “Gap” coverage for up to two (2) months between one service term and the next when a member commits to a second term of service.  If you require the returning member to pay for the “Gap” coverage, you must collect the premium from them and remit to Relation Insurance Services as part of the normal billing process.

This plan offers the option to enroll in one of two different dental/vision plans. Only programs that are enrolled in the medical/prescription drug plan are eligible to enroll in one of the dental/vision plans. It is not offered as a stand-alone plan.

If your program chooses to enroll in a dental/vision plan, all current and future members who accept the medical/prescription plan will automatically be enrolled in the dental/vision.

Dental/vision can be added anytime during the year, but benefits will be based on a September – August plan year (deductible, benefit maximum, etc.), regardless of the effective date of your program or your members.  The eligibility requirements are designed to mirror the medical/prescription plan eligibility.  This includes the definitions for eligible members, exclusions for a covered member’s dependents and a program’s permanent staff.  If your program provides coverage for part-time members or imposes a waiting period on new members, the same rules will apply to both the medical/prescription plan and dental/vision plans.

To help decide which of these plans is right for your program, you will find benefit summaries for both plans and a dental/vision FAQ in the download section below.

To enroll in one of the dental/vision plans, simply fill out the dental enrollment form, available below, and return to Diann Williams at corps@relationinsurance.com.