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Spokane Falls Community College
Student Injury Only Insurance Plan & ICS Insurance Plan

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Information About Coverage Available for Students


This plan is for accident-only coverage for students attending Washington State Colleges. Dependents are not eligible for this plan.


Intercollegiate Student Athletes, Student Coaches, Student Managers, Student Trainers and Student Cheerleaders are eligible for coverage under this plan. Once eligible, no other enrollment is required. Dependents are not eligible for this plan.


If you are interested in health insurance for sickness and preventive care, we have a voluntary program you can purchase that is designed just for students in Washington State. Click here to learn more.

Use your insurance

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding eligibility or enrollment,
contact us at (800) 955-1991 or educlientservices@ahpcare.com.

For questions regarding benefits or claims, contact

Academic HealthPlans, Inc. at (877) 246-6997 or educlaims@ahpcare.com.


Get your medical bills paid

In most cases, the provider will NOT submit the claim for you. You must complete a claim form for a claim to be processed.

There are separate claim forms for the Accident Only and ICS Plan.

If you are injured in an accident NOT during play or practice of a College-sponsored sport, fill out the Accident Only Claim Form. If you are injured during play or practice of a College-sponsored sport, fill out the ICS Claim Form.

Download a claim form below, and send the completed form with all bills and receipts for medical treatment to:

Relation Insurance Services
PO Box 25936
Overland Park, KS 66225

Keep copies of all the documents submitted for claims. If you have questions about claims, contact Relation Insurance Services at (877) 246-6997 or claims@relationinsurance.com.


Confidential Communication Request

If you would like to have confidential medical information from the claims administrator sent to an address other than the address on file with your school, you can download a Confidential Communication Request, fill out the form, and send it to the address listed. This form is available below.