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University of Redlands
Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

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Important Messages

Use your insurance

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding eligibility or enrollment,
contact us at (800) 537-1777 or


For questions regarding benefits or claims, contact
Wellfleet Group, LLC at (877) 657-5030, TTY 711 or visit www.wellfleetstudent.com.

PPO Network

How to search for a physician or facility

If you are unable to visit the campus health center, use providers in the PPO network whenever possible.

It is best to locate an in-network doctor, urgent care center, and emergency room near you before you get sick. To find a PPO provider, visit the Cigna website (link below).

  1.  Enter your Address and City, or Zip, then click on address to confirm. Click on Doctor by Type, Doctor by Name, or Locations and make your selection in the drop down.
  2. Click Continue as guest. Note: you will not be able to crate a Cigna account).
  3. Confirm your address and click Continue.
  4. Under “Please Select a Plan,” click OAP, Open Access Plus (bottom).
  5. Select a doctor from the list.

Arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment, and bring your insurance ID card with you. Always verify the provider is part of the
Cigna OAP Network before you receive treatment.


Information about Prescription Drugs

The Pharmacy Benefits Manager for this plan is Wellfleet Rx/ESI. Please see the Wellfleet/Express Scripts website (link below) to find a pharmacy near you, or call Member Pharmacy Help at (877) 640-7940.


Get your medical bills paid

In the event of either an Injury or a Sickness:

  1. Written notice of a claim must be submitted to the address below within thirty (30) days after the date of Injury or commencement
    of Sickness covered by the Policy, or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible.
  2. Send all medical and hospital bills, along with the patient’s name and insured student’s name, address, Social Security number or student ID number and name of the University under which the student is insured, to the address below. A Company claim form is not required for filing a claim.

PO Box 188061
Chattanooga, TN 37422-8061
Electronic Payor ID: 62308

For Non-Cigna PPO Providers:
Wellfleet Group, LLC
dba Wellfleet Administrators, LLC
PO Box 15369
Springfield, MA 01115-5369
(877) 657-5030, TTY 711

Bills should be received by the Company within ninety (90) days of service. Keep copies of all the documents you submit. To
check the status of a claim you submitted, call (877) 657-5030, TTY 711 or visit www.wellfleetstudent.com.


Confidential Communication Request

If you would like to have confidential medical information from the claims administrator sent to an address other than the address on file with your school, you can download a Member’s Authorization to Release Information form and send it to the address listed. This form is available below.

Health Center

On-campus health services

Visit the campus health center first before receiving any treatment off campus.

Location: 1137 E Brockton Ave (behind the Chapel)

Phone: (900) 748-8021

Email: health_center@redlands.edu

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. | 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Closed weekends and school holidays. Consult the campus health center website for summer hours.

Travel Assistance

When traveling away from your school or outside the U.S.

Students covered under the student insurance plan are automatically enrolled in Wellfleet Travel Guard. Travel Guard offers many services to help students when traveling away from your school or outside the U.S., including medical emergencies during travel, help with lost luggage, documents, or medications, insightful pre-trip information, and more.

For additional information, see your Plan Summary or visit the Travel Guard website (link below).