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Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

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Contact Information

For questions regarding eligibility or enrollment, contact
Relation Insurance Services at (800) 537-1777 or clientservices@relationinsurance.com.

For questions regarding benefits, claims, or coverage, contact
Anthem Blue Cross at (800) 888-2108.

PPO Network

How to search for a doctor or facility

Use providers in the PPO network whenever possible. It is best to locate an in-network doctor, urgent care center, and emergency room near you before you get sick. To find a PPO provider in California, call (800) 888-2108 or visit the Anthem Blue Cross website (link below) and follow these steps:

  1. Click Find Care located on the Menu bar toward the top right of the webpage.
  2. Enter your information to search as a Member or as a Guest and click Continue.
  3. “What type of care are you searching for?” Select Medical.
  4. “What State do you want to search in?” Select California.
  5. “What type of plan do you want to search with?” Select Medical (Student Health).
  6. “Select a plan/network.” Select Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer) – Student Health and click Continue.
  7. Select a provider type and/or specialty.
  8. Enter your address, ZIP code, or city and state, select the number of miles you would be willing to travel to the doctor’s office, and click Search.
  9. Select a provider from the list and call to make an appointment.

To find a PPO provider outside of California, call Blue Card Access at (800) 810-2583 or visit www.bcbs.com and follow the instructions.

Always check with the doctor or medical facility directly to confirm that they accept Anthem Blue Cross before you receive treatment.


Information about Prescription Drugs

Pharmacy benefits are managed by Anthem Blue Cross. Please see the Anthem Blue Cross website (link below) to find a pharmacy near you, or call (800) 888-2108.

To fill a prescription, visit any Anthem Blue Cross pharmacy and pay the copay. If you visit a non-network provider, it will not be covered by the plan.


Get your medical bills paid

In most cases, the provider will submit the claim for you.

If you are required to pay for services up front, then you will need to complete a claim form in order to be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Download a claim form below, and send the completed form with all bills and receipts for medical treatment to:

Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company
PO Box 60007
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007

Make sure you fill out the form completely so your claim will be processed promptly. Keep copies of all the documents you submit for claims. To check the status of a claim you submitted, call Blue Cross at (800) 888-2108.