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Use your insurance

It is best to locate an in-network doctor, urgent care center, and emergency room near you before you get sick. To find a PPO provider, visit the link below.

  1. Click “Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy.”
  2. Click “Go to DocFind.
  3. If you have an account, click “Log In to Secure Site.” If you do not have an account, you may continue as a guest or register using the insurance information on your insurance ID card.
  4. If you choose to search as a guest, enter your location and search radius, then click “Search.”
  5. Select the “Open Choice PPO” and click “Continue.”
  6. Select the type of provider you’re searching for.
  7. Select a doctor from the list, and call to make an appointment.

Always check with the doctor or medical facility directly to confirm that they accept Aetna before you receive treatment.


Pharmacy benefits are managed by Aetna Pharmacy Management (Formulary: Aetna Premier Plus). Only prescriptions filled at Aetna  pharmacies are covered. Please see the Aetna website (link below) to find a participating pharmacy near you.

To receive reimbursement, you will need to submit a claim. Download a claim form below, and fax the completed form with all bills and receipts to (888) 472-1128, or mail to:

Aetna Pharmacy Management
P.O. Box 52444
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2444

Keep copies of all the documents submitted for claims.

In most cases, the provider will submit the claim for you.

If you are required to pay for services up front, then you will need to complete a claim form in order to be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Download a claim form below, and send the completed form with all bills and receipts for medical treatment to:

Aetna Life Insurance Company
P.O. Box 981106
El Paso, TX 79998

Keep copies of all the documents submitted for claims.


Protected Health Information Requests

We need your permission to release your Protected Health Information. Download the PHI Request below, and fax it to (860) 907-3017 or mail to:

Aetna Legal Support Services
151 Farmington Avenue, RT65
Hartford, CT 06156-9998

A student who initially waived coverage under the Plan but subsequently experiences Involuntary Loss of Coverage may elect to enroll for coverage within 31 days of the date of Involuntary Loss of Coverage. Please contact Relation Insurance Services at customerservice.la@relationinsurance.com or call (800) 537-1777 for an enrollment form.

Continuation Privilege
All Insured Persons who have been continuously insured under the school’s regular student Policy for at least 6 consecutive months and who no longer meet the Eligibility requirements under that Policy are eligible to continue their coverage for a period of not more than 90 days under the school’s policy in effect at the time of such continuation. If an Insured Person is still eligible for continuation at the beginning of the next Policy Year, the Insured must purchase coverage under the new policy as chosen by the school. Coverage under the new policy is subject to the rates and benefits selected by the school for that policy year.

Application must be made and premium must be paid directly to Relation Insurance Services and be received within 14 days after the expiration date of your student coverage. For further information on the Continuation privilege, or to request an enrollment form, please contact Relation Insurance Services at customerservice.la@relationinsurance.com or call (800) 537-1777.